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Survey: Do Patients Really Care if You Use Your EHR in the Exam Room?

Many physicians worry using computers in the exam room could damage the patient experience. We surveyed 4,500 patients to find out what they think.


Morale Boosters Gone Wrong: Costly Mistakes Practices Should Avoid

When it comes to boosting morale, good intentions don’t guarantee success—some actions by well-meaning practices can have unintended negative consequences.

Health insurance business

5 Questions to Ask Before You Stop Accepting Medicaid Patients

If you’re a doctor wondering whether you should stop accepting Medicaid patients, there are some questions you should ask yourself before making a decision.


How You Can Use Patient Satisfaction Surveys to Improve Performance

We spoke to healthcare experts and successful practices to learn their tips, tricks and tactics for using patient surveys to improve practice performance.


How to Hire the Right Medical Office Manager

Here are top characteristics to look for, warning signs to look out for and questions to ask to identify the best office manager candidates for your practice.


Healthcare’s Fastest-Growing Companies—By the Numbers

To gauge how the health industry has evolved over the past five years, we analyzed the fastest-growing health companies from 2008–2013 to identify trends.


Should Your Primary Care Practice Join an Accountable Care Organization?

ACOs can be an effective mechanism for providing better care to patients and saving money, but there are financial risks involved for smaller practices.


Open-Access Scheduling: 5 Surprising Misconceptions

Open-access scheduling lets patients schedule same-day appointments, but it’s often misunderstood. Here, we take a look at the most common misconceptions.


Should You Get a Healthcare MBA? The Experts Weigh In

Getting a Master’s of Business Administration in healthcare can give you the skills you need to manage your practice successfully—but is it right for you?


Q&A with Partners HealthCare: Goodbye Fee-for-Service, Hello Population Health

I spoke with Dr. Sreekanth Chaguturu to learn about Partners’ population health management strategy and transition to value-based care.

Flow chart

The Lean Doctor’s Office: Using Value Stream Mapping to Improve Your Workflow

Value stream mapping, a process borrowed from lean manufacturing, can help medical practices identify workflow inefficiencies and implement improvements.


If Facebook Designed Your EHR: A Timeline Approach to Patient Care

It’s time for medical records to take the next evolutionary step forward and become patient-centric. How? By following Facebook’s lead.


How to Treat Patient Wait-Time Woes | IndustryView

We surveyed 5,003 patients to determine how they feel about wait times in the doctor’s office and what might alleviate their frustration.


Make Visits More Effective with Point-of-Care Education: 6 Apps in Action

Mobile apps provide a simple, low-cost way to educate patients effectively at the point of care. I review 6 education apps in action.

Top Carrier Report

The 3 Medical Billing Reports You Should Be Running Regularly

Creating medical billing reports can help you diagnose the health of your practice. But which are the most effective reports to run?

Five Star Rating

How Your Patients Are Using Online Reviews IndustryView

We surveyed 4,515 patients to discover when and why they use online reviews to research doctors, and which sites they’re using. Here’s what you need to know.


Should You Transform Your Practice Into a Patient-Centered Medical Home?

Could a patient-centered medical home help you improve care? We take a close look at benefits, challenges and strategies for implementation.

CareCloud Central

Case Study: Bay Urology Manages 30,000+ Patients With CareCloud Central

With CareCloud Central practice management software, Bay Urology Services manages 30,000+ patients and saves over $30K per year.


Patient Engagement: What’s in It for Your Private Practice?

I talked to the pros to learn how getting patients engaged can make you more money, make patients happier and boost your job satisfaction.


Health Insurance Marketplaces: Two States’ Recipes for Success

Oregon and Vermont are operating their own health insurance marketplaces. I spoke to leadership in both states to figure out how they’re getting it right.