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CareCloud Central

Case Study: Bay Urology Manages 30,000+ Patients With CareCloud Central

With CareCloud Central practice management software, Bay Urology Services manages 30,000+ patients and saves over $30K per year.


Patient Engagement: What’s in It for Your Private Practice?

I talked to the pros to learn how getting patients engaged can make you more money, make patients happier and boost your job satisfaction.


Health Insurance Marketplaces: Two States’ Recipes for Success

Oregon and Vermont are operating their own health insurance marketplaces. I spoke to leadership in both states to figure out how they’re getting it right.


EHR All-Stars: How 3 Doctors Increased Profitability with Electronic Health Records

Three doctors reveal how their EHRs contribute to lower operating costs and greater revenue, and share tips on how you can achieve the same success.


Case Study: Tuck Chiropractic Clinic Manages Over 10,000 Patients a Month With ECLIPSE EHR Software

ECLIPSE has helped Tuck Chiropractic with HITECH requirements, exchanging information and solving claims issues.

Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 11.50.48 AM

Readers Weigh In: The FDA Should Regulate Mobile Medical Apps

We polled readers around the web, and 68 percent agree the FDA should regulate mobile medical apps. Here’s why that’s good for the industry.


Is Free EMR Software Right for Your Practice?

Can a free EMR solution adequately meet your practice’s needs? Here’s what you should keep in mind when evaluating free vs. paid systems.


What Is “Big Data” in Healthcare, and Who’s Already Doing It?

What will big data mean for healthcare? I talked to expert Dr. Russell Richmond, and looked at five companies using big data today.

Electronic Medical Assistant (EMA) by Modernizing Medicine tablet thumbnail

The 10 Best Designs in Medical Software

We asked EHR providers to show us their best and most user-friendly user interfaces. We’ve selected the top 10 screens.

Cleveland Clinic Logo

How Cleveland Clinic Tackles EHR Implementation

Implementing an EHR solution can be a challenge. Cleveland Clinic’s Kelli Mangino sheds some light on what makes or breaks an implementation.

Doctor Patient Relationship

Should You Consider a Concierge Medicine Practice?

Concierge medicine can allow doctors to see fewer patients while providing more personal service and better care. Is it right for your practice?


The Impact of the HITECH Act on EHR Implementations IndustryView | 2013

Analyzing three years of proprietary data, we discovered that a growing percentage of EHR buyers are replacing existing EHRs.

Image of stethoscope

Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants: Why You Should Hire One (or the Other)

Physicians looking to scale their practices cost-effectively face a tough choice when it comes to deciding who to hire.


Five Best Practices for Training Staff on Using a New EHR

Training isn’t just helpful—research has shown that it’s essential to the implementation process. Here, we’ve put together five effective EHR training tips.

Doctor with EHR

7 Ways to Maintain Patient Interaction in the Age of the EHR

A common complaint of EHRs is that they interfere with doctor-patient interactions. We’ve identified the following solutions to maintain positive patient relationships.

Collect Money

Don’t Let Your Money Walk Out The Door

Collecting funds can be hard once the patient walks out the door. Fortunately, there’s a wide range of techniques to see that you collect the right amount from patients.

Lessons from Waiting Rooms

Lessons from Waiting Rooms

The average wait time in a general practitioner’s office is 20 minutes. And, according to the Journal of General Internal Medicine, most people think that’s too long.

Doctor Greating Patient

Survey: Patient Interactions with EMR/EHR Use

Some doctors worry that EMR software could interfere with their patient interactions. We’d like to know how your EMR has affected interactions.

5 Rules for Taking a Vacation as a Solo-Practice Doctor

5 Rules for Taking a Vacation as a Solo-Practice Doctor

It’s hard enough for any of us to consider taking a vacation in the current economic climate, let alone those of us responsible for the health of others.


Five Ways Doctors Can Use EMRs to Boost Profitability

With the rapid growth of the EMR market, we thought it was time to revisit how EMR software can improve profitability. Here are five ways.