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3 iPhone and iPad Medical Devices We’d Like to See

These clever devices use simple plug-in peripherals to turn an iPhone or iPad into a full-fledged medical device. For this article we tried to get a little visionary, too.


5 Medical Peripherals for the iPad or iPhone

The iPad and the iPhone can provide the functionality of a wide range of medical devices with just a few simple add-ons and plug-ins.

iPad EMR Apps

iPad EMR Apps | A Guide to Electronic Medical Records

Apple’s iPad is making rounds in healthcare. More EMR and EHR vendors are releasing iPad-specific versions of their EMRs to keep up with physician demand.

Medical Billing Services Selection Guide.001

How To Evaluate Medical Billing Services

We recently penned a post, “Should You Outsource Your Medical Billing?” This post will help you make the right choice of medical billing service companies.

Medical Billing Services Selection Guide

Should You Outsource Your Medical Billing?

One of the many business questions physicians face is whether to outsource their medical billing to third-party services or do it in-house.

EMR vs EHR Traffic in Google

EHR vs EMR – What’s the Difference?

Should you implement an EMR or an EHR? Do you know the difference? In theory, and by definition, there is a difference and it should play into software selection.